Prof . Olivier Traxer 🇫🇷

Professor of Urology at the University of Paris 6th (Pierre and Marie Curie) and works in Tenon Hospital (academic hospital). After training in general urology in Paris, Professor Olivier Traxer did a research fellowship at Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas (under the supervision of Professors Charles Y.C. Pak and Margaret Sue Pearle) to specialize in endourology and kidney stone management, which represent his main fields of interest.

Tracker's main goal is to improve the knowledge of urinary stone disease and endourology, optimize the quality of treatment given to patients, and promote the role of his specialty in that field. Professor Olivier Traxer is responsible for the Tenon Hospital Urology Department (University Hospital, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6) of the minimally invasive surgery section.