Dr. Naeem Bhojani 🇨🇦

btained a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology

and another in Physiotherapy from McGill University in 2001 and then completed medical school and

urology residency at the University of Montreal. In 2011, Dr. Bhojani spent 2 years with Dr. Lingeman at

Indiana University completing his Fellowship in BPH and Stone Disease.

Dr. Bhojani was recruited by the University of Montreal in 2013 to build and develop Comprehensive Kidney

Stone and BPH Programs. At the University of Montreal, he has the rank of Associate Professor and

clinical researcher.

Dr. Bhojani has published extensively in stone disease and BPH and is an editorial board member of the

Journal of Endourology, Urology Practice and BPH section editor for the Canadian Urological Association

Journal. In 2017, Dr. Bhojani was named the AUA’s Young urologist of the year representing the NSAUA

and in 2019, Dr. Bhojani was awarded the prestigious clinical research scholar award from the FRQ-S.