Prof. Glenn Preminger 🇺🇸

MD is the James F. Glenn, Distinguished Professor of Urologic Surgery and Director of

the Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center at Duke University Medical Center, where he focuses on the

minimally invasive management of urinary tract stones including SWL, percutaneous and ureteroscopic

stone removal. He also directs the metabolic evaluation and preventative medical treatment offered at the

Stone Center. Dr. Preminger has extensive experience in developing endoscopic instrumentation for

minimally invasive urologic procedures and co-holds nine patents, in SWL design. Dr. Preminger, along

with Pei Zhong, Ph.D., established The Lithotripsy Laboratory, having been awarded over $10 million in

research support from the NIH. Dr. Preminger has published more than 360 manuscripts, 100 book

chapters and 10 books.

He has served as Co-Chairman of the 1st and 2nd International Consultations on Stone Disease, (2001 &

2007). He was Chairman of the AUA Nephrolithiasis Guidelines Panel (2002-2012), Co-Chairman of the

joint AUA/EAU International Nephrolithiasis Guidelines Panel (2003-2012), Chair of the AUA Office of

Education (2006–2009), Director of Education for the Endourological Society (2011-2017), and President

of the Endourological Society (2020). He has served as SESAUA Secretary (2015-2018) and President


Honors include AUA Residents Committee Teaching Award (2008),International Urolithiasis Society

Lifetime Achievement Award (2016), BAUS St. Paul’s Medal (2013), Endourological Society’s Lifetime

Achievement Award (2018), Endourological Society Honorary Membership (2021), AUA John K. Latimer

Lecturer, (2021), AUA Ramon Guiteras Award (2022), AUA Urology Care Foundation Distinguished Scholar

Alumnus Award (2022), Southeastern Section Representative to the AUA Board of Directors (2023-2025)

and American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons, Secretary General (2023-2028).


30 OCT 2024 Day 1

Advances and practical pieces of advice in the medical management of nephrolithiasis


30 OCT 2024 Day 1

Complex stone management: Aggressive PNL versus multimodal approaches


30 OCT 2024 Day 1

Controversies in the surgical management of nephrolithiasis


30 OCT 2024 Day 1

Pre-op stone management: Antibiotics and anticoagulants